If you own a business or maybe a blog on your own, you surely know the viral impact that a post has regardless of the social media channel where it is posted. And with knowing that, you certainly have to go over again every single social media outlet and re-post your trending blog story, gallery or maybe an event you are hosting. Now, as much as it's fun in the beginning, later on, re-posting the same stuff all over again on every social media network is definitely a struggle.

Whether it is the actual reposting or the fact that you have to log in everywhere separately, reposting content today is a hard yet important mission for any startup, company or individual wanting to spread the word out. However, these worries have come to an end - with WebBoost - a premium multiple social media profile platform which broadcasts each posting from a single place.

So, how does it work?

"Broadcast Smarter" is the main slogan of WebBoost. Understandably, smarter publishing is what the fast-paced and digitally social world of today needs. Simple to set up and really easy to work with, WebBoost comes with a free account with 100 free credits at the initial phase.

Linking your social media profiles in an integrated way is actually the greatest benefit from WebBoost. Acting as the leading voice of your social efforts, WebBoost focuses on integrating your stories whilst spreading them out on every social media outlet possible. With an availability to schedule your broadcast with a desired time or date (or even at the moment!), WebBoost conveniently broadcasts any message you have to the multiple social media channels and websites. With text, image and video support, WebBoost is certainly the solution we all needed.

So, if you are a blogger, a business owner or even a busy social media user, WebBoost is definitely for you. Marketing your business products or services and sharing information about them to your target audience is now revolutionized via WebBoost. Your thoughts as well can be shared in your online content stories to the entire world while you are staying connected - sharing personal messages, photos or videos that will impress the audience around you.