Sifter International manufactures Industrial ACM Spice Grinding Machinery. ACM grinder works in way that the characteristic flavor aroma and color of spices are same due to steam volatile essential or volatile oils and organic solvent soluble oleoresins, which is the strength of the spices. These volatile substances start evaporating at a temperature above 30°C.

In ordinary Hammer Mill, Beater type Pulverizer is used in which temperature of the product goes up to 80°C, which affects quality of the spices. In addition to this additional cooling is required before packaging of the final products. Sifter International ACM Spice Grinding Machinery has got solution to this problem in our ACM series Micro Pulverizer (Cryogenic Grinding) and perfect technology for grinding of spices. ACM Spice Grinder will produce the exact desired finished size while preserving aroma and volatile oil qualities.

Outstanding Features of Industrial Spice Grinder:

1.) Factory Direct, Low Prices.
2.) Strict QC, High Quality Control.
3.) Silent Running, Less Vibrations.
4.) High Output and Uniform Particles.
5.) Widely Used, Suitable For All Kinds of Hard and Brittle Materials.
6.) All Contacting Parts Are Food Hygiene Standard Stainless Steel, No Corrosion Hazards.
7.) Have Long-Term and Stable Raw Material Supplier, So Delivery in Time.
8.) Low Specific Power Consumption, Leads To Faster Return On The Investments.
9.) Low Temperature Rise for Heat Sensitive Materials.
10.) Simple Structure, Easy To Install And Disassemble, Easy To Clean.
11.) Simple And Convenient Operation, Can Control Particle Size By Replacing Sieves.